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About CNX

CNX Resources Corporation (NYSE: CNX) is unique. We are a premier natural gas development, production, and midstream company centered in Appalachia—one of the most energy abundant regions in the world. With the benefit of a 159-year regional legacy, substantial asset base, leading core operational competencies, technology development and innovation, and astute capital allocation methodologies, the company responsibly develops its resources and deploys its free cash flow to invest in our people, strengthen our balance sheet, support the communities where we operate, and create long-term per share value for our shareholders. Additional information is available at www.cnx.com.

Trillion Cubic Feet of Proved Gas Equivalent Reserves


Billion Cubic Feet Equivalent Total Net Gas Produced


Operated Gas Wells


Miles of Water Pipeline


Miles of Gas Pipeline

Operated assets primarily include the Marcellus and Utica shale in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, and coal mine waste methane capture and coal bed methane in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

CNX designs, builds and operates natural gas gathering systems to move gas from the wellhead to interstate pipelines or other local sales points. CNX owns or operates approximately 2,600 miles of natural gas gathering pipelines as well as a number of natural gas processing facilities.

CNX Water is a vehicle to efficiently manage water transfer, evaluate emerging treatment technologies and strategically approach third-party water sales. CNX Water is uniquely positioned in the Appalachian Basin with multiple water sources, and water pipelines.

New Technologies
CNX New Technologies is developing unique, proprietary technology for vertical and horizontal business growth. The business unit also focuses on forging strategic partnerships for the use of low carbon intensity feedstocks and creation of derivative products.

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