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CNX has a longstanding and special relationship with the communities and people in our region. We have called this region home for nearly 160 years and know that the people and families, within our walls and living in our operational footprint, are one and the same. Over the years, we have become increasingly concerned that many of our friends and neighbors are shut out from the many economic opportunities in energy and manufacturing that represent a realistic path to the middle class.

Understanding our community engagement philosophy starts with understanding the meaning of the Tangible, Impactful, and Local initiatives we support:

  • Tangible We are focused on making a real, and measurable difference in the communities we serve.
  • Impactful We seek to identify true needs within our community so our support will have an immediate and long-lasting impact in helping specific programs within the region meet their goals.
  • Local Our efforts are rooted in supporting communities in our operational footprint so we can foster more opportunities for growth, close to home.
CNX Foundation

The CNX Foundation philosophy aligns with our Tangible, Impactful, and Local focus, and seeks to help those who need it most. We are not interested in simply donating money. Our aim is to facilitate creative problem solving by bringing together a diverse range of partners and resources to invest in challenges that are often overlooked or ignored. Key focus areas include:

  • Food Insecurity
  • Children’s Health and Wellness
  • Broadband and Information Technology Access
  • Recidivism and Re-entry
  • Domestic Abuse Awareness
  • Opioid Epidemic and Societal Impact
  • Career Awareness/Technical and Vocational Training
  • Water Quality Safety and Awareness
In 2022, the CNX Foundation invested $3.4 million dollars in 55 initiatives aligned with its Tangible, Impactful, Local community focus. Funded initiatives included support for townships and first responders across the Appalachian basin. Community investment is more than a financial commitment. We strive to enhance our communities by lending our time and talent to organizations across the region. These efforts are part of our pledge to invest $30 million through 2026 in local initiatives supporting underserved causes within CNX’s operating footprint.

The CNX Foundation—with significant commitment and involvement from our CEO—makes tangible investments in our community and its most valuable asset: its people. At the request of the CEO, our Board of Directors approved a $1.5 million reduction in annual CEO compensation for 2023, with funds to be directed to support the CNX Foundation—specifically a new initiative of the Mentorship Academy. This follows a similar $1 million reduction in CEO compensation in 2022.

For additional information on the CNX foundation, please visit the foundation website, or build your own report.

Supporting Local Businesses and Communities
CNX contributes to society through the direct economic value we generate, the energy we produce, and our commitment to operate responsibly.

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Community Investment

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Landowner Interaction
Prior to the development of any facility, pipeline, or well site, CNX engages with surface owners to review opportunities for development on their property and the impacts to their use. We value our owners being part of the development process from day one. Sustainable development starts with an open-minded and flexible, collaborative approach.

Landowner input is considered from the first meeting and included in our designs. When possible, we strive to enter voluntary easement agreements for land development. Our aim is to align development projects with the long-term property goals of the surface owners.

Our relationships with landowners do not end with a lease or easement. Our Owner Relations team includes professionals spanning multiple disciplines who help to resolve concerns and answer questions throughout the entire lifecycle of development. Landowners can access answers to more routine questions and situations via the CNX website and the frequently asked questions page. Land Resources

Our owners are an important stakeholder in our projects, but not the only ones. Quite often, their neighbors are our neighbors too. Not only do most of our employees live, work, and play within our operating region, but with our expansive footprint of CNX-owned surface properties, we are invested in the community where we develop.

Cory and Cheyanne Thomas Story
“CNX was more than happy to cut and stack several large piles of cut trees, so much so, that we heated our house last winter with plenty to spare.

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Community Outreach
CNX strives to make our communities more resilient through investments, proactive engagement, and direct support when adversity hits an area we call home. In addition to providing the local energy essential to quality of life in Appalachia and around the world, we aim to be a trusted community partner that’s part of the foundational fabric of the areas where we work and live.

Our approach to prioritizing the needs and opportunities of our region’s stakeholders—in the communities where we’re privileged to live, work, and invest—improves the quality of life across Appalachian communities which have been neglected for too long.

Our Community Relations team—expanded in 2022— engages directly with residents, elected officials, and other stakeholders to share updates on our operational plans and address community concerns. We are committed to engaging with communities in advance of new operations.

The HQ™ at CNX provides space for nonprofits and minority and women-owned business enterprises to work while collaborating and networking with similarly minded companies. The HQ™ helps organizations expand their reach by offering exposure to additional counties. In many ways, the HQ™ is the physical embodiment of Appalachia First, bringing together groups dedicated to improving lives across the region and building on their natural synergy and drive. Tenants go through a competitive process to join and must be nonprofits or charities, small educational institutions, or small women- or minority-owned businesses that need space but lack the resources. Resident organizations have access to the CNX auditorium, classroom, and its rooftop garden that can be reserved for events. The CNX Foundation covers the first year of rent, and also provides initial marketing efforts from another HQ at CNX tenant, True Fit Marketing.

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