CNX strives to make communities more resilient through investments, proactive engagement, and direct support of organizations within communities. The energy CNX provides is essential to quality of life in Appalachia as we aim to be a trusted community partner, and part of the foundational fabric of the areas where we work and live.

Our approach prioritizes the needs and opportunities of our region’s stakeholders, and improves the quality of life across the Appalachian communities where we live, work, and invest.

Our team engages directly with residents, elected officials, and other stakeholders to share updates on our operational plans and address community concerns. We are committed to engaging with communities in advance of new operations.

CNX sent over 6,000 invitations to an open house in our core operating area where a multi-disciplined team of employees were on hand to answer questions from residents about current and future CNX operations.

"I've lived in this area for a long time and once you have a chance to explain what's actually happening, it puts everyone at ease."

Kyle Stefancik,
Manager, Land Operations

Addressing Concerns

In support of our operations and landowner relations teams, the CNX team works to invest in local communities and be a frontline resource to the community to address concerns. Our Community Relations Hotline, telephone, email systems, and our issue tracking software are essential tools for addressing concerns related to activities within our operational footprint in an efficient and uniform manner.

Reducing Community Disruptions

CNX seeks to minimize disruptions and inconveniences to the local community. Our robust water pipeline infrastructure mitigates commercial vehicle traffic, lowers the likelihood of spills, and reduces vehicle emissions, dust, noise, and wear on local roadways. Our Operations team works with local municipalities and school districts to review school bus traffic patterns, and employs a blackout period for routes that encounter school bus stops during school pick up and drop off to eliminate potential risks.

CNX location lighting is not a topic that first comes to mind when considering disruption to local community. In fact, we thought that performing periodic inspections and minimizing offsite illumination was adequate to ensure our lights were not keeping our neighbors up at night. It was through community engagement that we learned our operational lighting was impacting the local community near a CNX location in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. After receiving this feedback, we immediately performed a review of lighting in each operational phase and implemented a best practice to reduce the amount of lights we use and when we use them, while still maintaining adequate lighting for the safety of employees and contractors. This reduces our electricity use and minimizes nighttime disruption to our neighbors. A win for all!

Responding to Community Needs

CNX’s 160-year presence in Appalachia, and our largely homegrown workforce, fosters positive relationships in the community. Our close bonds and continuous dialogue with local elected officials, township, and community leaders keeps us informed of issues affecting our communities, reduces our response times, and improves our ability to provide resources and solutions to people in need.

In 2024, CNX will open a new office on a main street in downtown North Apollo, Pennsylvania. The office will serve as a base for our operations in the area and provide the opportunity for engagement with community members.

Partnering for Community Development

CNX donated two tracts of land, totaling six acres, to the town of Monongah, West Virginia. The parcels have hosted a baseball field and other community recreation for years, so it made sense to transfer the ownership of the properties. The town has plans for further improvements.

Thanks to a loan from the Virginia Coalfield Economic Development Authority, The Tazewell County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) purchased 122 acres of land from CNX next to Tazewell High School, providing Tazewell County multiple options for economic development. Additional funds were loaned to CNX to support office expansion into the Mullins Building. The agreement requires CNX to invest all $900,000 from the loan and land purchase into the Mullins Building renovation. Additionally, CNX committed to retaining 67 jobs and adding eight additional full-time jobs with an average annual wage of $100,000.

Having A Strong Community Presence

CNX Dream Fields

The CNX Foundation announced a $150,000, three-year presenting sponsorship of the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pony League World Series (PLWS).

“At CNX, we place a lot of value on youth sports and athletic programs,” said Cody Craker, Vice President of Operations and Construction at CNX Resources. “Not only because they contribute so powerfully to physical health, but because they play a significant role in their communities.” See more here.

CNX Foundation also announced its Dream Fields grant program, designed to rehabilitate and revitalize sports fields across the Appalachian Basin. The Dream Fields grant program embraces the belief that clean, safe, well-maintained fields improve the players’ experience and keeps children playing the games they love longer. The program is intended to support community-maintained fields and playing surfaces, filling in funding gaps and addressing identified needs at fields and sport surfaces throughout the region.

Dream Fields 2023 impact at-a-glance

  • New dugout benches for SMASH Fastpitch Softball, Greene County, PA
  • One year of field maintenance funding for Greene County United Soccer, Greene County, PA
  • Updated community basketball court for South Franklin Township, Washington County, PA
  • Baseball field improvements for Tazewell Baseball boosters, Tazewell County, VA
  • Pony League and Veteran’s Baseball field improvements for Charleroi Community Park, Washington County, PA

Supporting Fairs, Festivals, and Local Youth

CNX Foundation supported summer fun for thousands of attendees at local fairs and festivals. CNX employees were available for over seventy hours across four events, engaging in conversations with the community and helping to address food insecurity concerns for families in need. CNX sponsored six fairs and participated in seven livestock auctions.

  • 45,700 meals donated to food banks
  • 10 exhibits purchased were donated to the local 4H Scholarship fund
  • 24 youth exhibitors received $200 each to start their 4H project for next year's Battelle's District Fair
  • 36 youth exhibitors received $100 each to start their 4H project for next year's Jacktown Fair
  • 42 4H exhibits purchased consisting of meat pen (rabbits), goats, lambs, hogs, and steers

“The CNX Mentorship Academy provided me with opportunities that helped me decide my career path. I knew what I wasn’t interested in, but I was able to narrow my career choices by visiting a wide range of employers. CNX has truly supported me by purchasing both my market hogs at the 2023 Washington and West Alexander Fairs. This has helped immensely with school tuition, travel costs, and tools. I am thankful for the experience and opportunities that CNX has given me.”

Amber Habe, Mentorship Academy student and member of 4-H

With the help of volunteers, CNX Foundation stocked trout in Lake Wilma, a reservoir just outside of Blacksville, West Virginia. CNX participants joined community members the following day for Lake Wilma Community Fishing Day.