Prior to the development of any facility, pipeline, or well site, CNX engages with surface owners to review opportunities for development on their property and the impacts to their use. We value our owners being part of the development process from day one. Sustainable development starts with an open-minded and flexible, collaborative approach.

Landowner input is considered from the first meeting and included in our designs. When possible, we strive to enter voluntary easement agreements for land development. Our aim is to align development projects with the long-term property goals of surface owners. Our relationship with a landowner does not end with a lease or easement. Our team includes professionals spanning multiple disciplines who help to resolve concerns and answer questions throughout the entire lifecycle of development. CNX’s website, and the frequently asked questions page, provide landowners with answers to more routine questions and situations.

Landowners are important stakeholders in a project, but not the only ones. Often, their neighbors are our neighbors too. Not only do most of our employees live, work, and play within our operating region, but with our expansive footprint of CNX-owned surface properties, we are invested in the community where we develop.