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Creating “quality of life energy” is what we do by empowering the people we work with every day to expand our positive impacts. This includes our employees and business partners, and the residents and communities where we live and work. We are committed to safe and compliant work sites, honest and transparent engagements with all our stakeholders, and to making sustainable investments that strengthen our communities and have a positive social impact in the areas that need our help the most.
Workplace Health & Safety
Safety First

Our number one core value is the protection of the health and safety of our employees, contractors, visitors, and the surrounding communities. We do not compromise safety in pursuit of business objectives. We believe that all occupational workplace injuries and illnesses are preventable. If something can’t be done safely, then it won’t be done on a CNX site.

The Board of Directors, executive officers, and management of CNX expects everyone to conduct themselves in a manner conducive to an injury and incident-free workplace and have established safety as a condition of employment. Our Board of Directors, led by the ESCR Committee and members of our senior operational team participate in site visits of our operations to understand and observe our application of safety processes first-hand.

Safety Management System

In addition to Board oversight and engaged executive management, our Quality Management System (QMS) ensures safety performance and formalizes our processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving our health, safety, and environmental objectives. This system ensures we meet our regulatory requirements and improve operational effectiveness and efficiency on a continuous basis.

Our Safety Policy underpins our overarching management approach, and outlines expectations for all employees, contractors, and service providers and details our approach to worker health and safety, process safety management, and emergency preparedness and response. Our commitment begins at the top and is reinforced at every level.

CNX’s HSE representatives are on-site 24/7 during significant operations—including drilling, completions, and production flowback—monitoring safety performance and encouraging safe actions.

Employee Training and Recognition

CNX maintains strict training standards to ensure that every person working on CNX properties and projects understands their responsibility for their personal safety and are given the tools and process to identify and mitigate risks and respond in an emergency. CNX training programs use behavior-based techniques that embrace a partnership among management, employees, and service providers to continually focus attention and actions on daily safe behavior. Our culture of awareness and accountability is embraced at all levels of CNX, and is reinforced by daily safety meetings, job safety analyses, heightened field presence focus, and empowerment to stop work. Safety has no rank.

Creating a “Speak Up” Culture—Behavior Based Safety Program

Increasing employee safety awareness is only part of the solution for maintaining a safe workplace. CNX emphasizes a culture of ownership by empowering employees and contractors and giving with the responsibility and obligation to identify and respond to safety issues.

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Board members Bernie Lanigan, Palmer Clarkson, Maureen Lally-Green, and Bob Agbede tour a CNX drilling location accompanied by CNX team members Ravi Srivastava, Joe Fink, and Navneet Behl.

In 2022, we celebrated the Majorsville team passing 1,000 days (and counting) of safe operation at the Majorsville Station, an OSHA PSM facility!

2022 Safety Highlights



Total Recordable Incident Rate
(employee and contractor per 200,000 hours worked)


Lost Time Incident Rate
(employee and contractor per 200,000 hours worked)


Motor Vehicle Incident Frequency
(per million miles driven)


Safety and Environmental Investigations Rate
(employee and contractor per 200,000 hours worked)


HSE Training Hours
(employee and contractor)

Mentorship Academy

The CNX Mentorship Academy focuses on local high school students who desire a family-sustaining, well-compensated career that does not require a four-year degree. Given the Appalachian region’s unique attributes of low-cost energy, manufacturing prowess, and a deeply ingrained work ethic, these careers and opportunities to build and sustain the middle class in our region are abundant. Our Mentorship Academy introduces students from local underserved communities to career opportunities, helps them build the basic skills necessary for gainful employment, and provides pathways and opens doors to further their career goals.

The Mentorship Academy uniquely connects the region’s premier employers, organized labor, and building trades, and community-focused nonprofits with local, young emerging talent seeking family-sustaining jobs to address the workforce challenges of the region. Academy students—high school juniors and seniors from rural and urban underprivileged communities—learn from local leaders and industry experts about the numerous career options available to them through hands-on activities, tours, and personal and professional coaching from the Academy’s mentors. A key part of our Appalachia First vision, the program meets students where they are and helps facilitate growth through exposure, experience, and mentorship.

To become involved in The Mentorship Academy or to nominate a student please visit www.cnx.com/aboutus/the_mentorship-academy.

Success of the inaugural 2022 graduating class:
  • 28 graduates, of which 16 were seniors.
  • Nine students chose career paths and began their careers directly out of high school. Six of these students became full-time employees at CNX with roles in various groups, such as External Relations Operations, and Information Systems and Technology.
  • Five students chose to further their career path opportunities at a four-year academic institution.
  • Two remained undecided upon graduation, but are still connected to the Academy evaluating career opportunities.
  • 10 of the juniors returned for year two at the Academy.
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a key element of our Sustainable Business Model and a crucial feature of how we pursue the value of Excellence. We believe that a diverse, talented team working together with trust, respect, and professionalism across the entire organization providing varied perspectives is critical for innovation, robust problem solving, and the promotion of a positive culture in which CNX can achieve its goals and thrive in an ever-changing world. Embracing the strengths and unique differences that each of us brings to work, we respect and learn from each other, foster a high-performance environment, and encourage every employee to reach their full potential.

CNX applies a differentiated definition when considering diversity. It is our belief that in addition to traditional diversity metrics such as gender, race, ethnicity, age, physical ability, and veteran status, it is important that less traditional metrics such as socio-economic background and educational background are incorporated into our understanding of diversity. The end goal of diversity initiatives is to achieve diversity of thought, skill, and experience that creates value for employees, the region of Appalachia, and our owners.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone is welcome and has the same opportunities. We ensure employees have equitable access to career-advancing training, mentorship, and development so that everyone at CNX has a genuine opportunity to advance.

While we are proud of our achievements to date, we remain focused on continuous improvement. Gender diversity remains an area of focus and we are seeing results in management roles. At the end of 2022, we had 35 women in management roles compared to 25 at the end of 2021, an increase of 40%. Ethnic, racial, and age diversity across all levels of our business is another area of focus. Our inclusive culture welcomes employees of all backgrounds and experiences and enables everyone to succeed both personally and professionally.

In 2021 we announced an aggressive target for a diverse employee workforce of 34% by 2024 and 40% by 2026. CNX recognizes there is a need for increased awareness of industry opportunities within the local diverse talent pool to be able to support this ambitious target. We invest time and resources in the following initiatives in support of our diversity targets:

  • Mentorship opportunities and financial support for local underserved high school and college students in support of career opportunities within CNX
  • Cross-functional and management training opportunities for high-potential, diverse employees
  • Leverage the CNX Mentorship Academy talent pipeline from our underserved rural and urban regional communities

In 2022, our approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion yielded the following results:

  • The total diversity (gender and racial/ethnic) of our CEO direct reports has increased to 83%
  • Our overall employee diversity increased to 32% in 2022
  • WE@CNX, an Employee Resource Group was established
  • Supported a Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council to provide grassroots feedback to management
  • Provided diversity, equity and inclusion training, including unconscious bias and empathy training, to the CNX employee population
  • Provided leadership training for high-potential female employees through opportunities offered by the Women’s Energy Network
  • Surpassed supply chain goals of at least 6% Diverse Business Enterprise (DBE) spend and 7% DBE representation on the CNX-approved vendor list
Careers and Employee Wellness
CNX employees embody our values— Responsibility, Ownership, and Excellence—and are advocates for our company and industry.

To recruit, retain, and motivate the very best talent, we must do more than compensate well. We are fully committed to investing in and developing our talented team. Our employees understand that they are part of a region, industry, company, and team that does great things both socially and economically. Now more than ever, domestic low-carbon intensity energy (particularly natural gas) is a matter of national security and global health. CNX—and the broader natural gas industry—play a critical role in the global energy landscape. The value and importance of this critical resource, and industry, gives CNX employees a unique sense of purpose in their work.

Thanks to our values, Appalachian asset base, Sustainable Business Model, and best-in-class team, CNX—and our employees—are poised to thrive in a competitive market.

For additional details on CNX careers and employee wellness, please visit CNX.com/careers, or build your own report

Employee Learning and Development
Recruiting, developing, and retaining our workforce is vital to our success and our Sustainable Business Model. We provide opportunities for our employees to grow with us, including professional development and training programs.

Employee growth at CNX includes growth vertically, horizontally, or diagonally—complementing our individualized career plans, our nimble business, and the changing and evolving demands of our business.

While technical capabilities are role specific, business and leadership skills span the organization.

We support the development of those skills through on-thejob work experience, networking, mentoring, and collaboration and formal training, and we encourage employees to take an active role in their professional development.

Our learning management system hosts more than 17,000 courses, and offers training content through a single, easyto- use platform. CNX employees completed more than 1,097 courses since the program’s inception in October 2022 through December 2022.


CNX sponsored six women to participate in the Women’s Energy Network (WEN) Global Leadership Cohort in 2022. The Cohort is a yearlong leadership program supported by world-class leadership consultant (Yielded). The program is designed to improve individual leadership skills and enhance organizational culture.

Human Rights
CNX operates in accordance with the principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Global Compact, and conducts business in a manner that respects and protects human rights throughout our sphere of influence. Human Rights Statement

The CNX Code of Employee Business Conduct and Ethics provides ethical standards and guidelines for how we do business, establish accountability, and set forth our expectations for our employees—including human rights, working conditions, labor rights, employment practices, and workplace conduct.

Protection of the Rights of Employees

CNX provides a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, and supports the elimination of all forms of forced, bonded, or compulsory labor, and the freedom of association.

We support and uphold the elimination of discriminatory practices with respect to employment and occupation and embrace diversity in all aspects of our business operations.

CNX is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against employees or prospective employees based on race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual preference/orientation, citizenship, marital status, military/veteran status, national origin, age, or physical or mental disability, or against any other protection established by applicable law or regulation.

CNX condemns all forms of exploitation of children and does not recruit child labor and supports the elimination of exploitive child labor.

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