Protecting the Environment

The Appalachian Basin is more than the place we do business, it is our home. Our approach to environmental stewardship aligns with our long-standing presence in communities across Appalachia. Like many stakeholders throughout the region, our employees are passionate about protecting and preserving the quality of the region’s air and water for future generations.

Our passion—and our business—is to produce the affordable, reliable, and safe energy that our world needs. As a leading operator, we have a responsibility to reduce our footprint and set a powerful example within our industry through unprecedented transparency, technological advancements, process improvements, effective water and waste management, air quality initiatives, and regional GHG emissions reductions.

A key factor in the CNX Sustainable Business Model is community engagement. Successful engagement starts with understanding how we can better collaborate with our stakeholders through transparency, dialogue, and active listening. Through this process, we work together to solve community issues, promote economic opportunities, and build relationships to help our region thrive. Community members and concerned residents expect transparency and fact-based data regarding the impact of our operations. CNX has responded with a historic commitment to further expand our operational disclosures. Launched in 2023, the Radical Transparency program, a collaborative effort between CNX and Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro, See more here allows the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to conduct the most intensive independent study of unconventional natural gas wells in the nation.

The Radical Transparency program monitors and publicly discloses air quality in real time and expands water quality and radiation monitoring. Additionally, all chemical additives used in drilling and hydraulic fracturing are publicly disclosed before their use.

CNX is also providing DEP with unprecedented access to two future CNX well sites, allowing for in-depth independent monitoring of the air emissions at both locations before, during, and after development of the new wells. The project empowers communities with the facts about natural gas development, fosters continuous improvement, enhances our operating practices, and provides key data for more informed policy making by our regulators.

CNX’s Radical Transparency program website See more here, and the comprehensive monitoring and disclosure that underpins it, provides our families, neighbors, and the public at large a better understanding of the natural gas industry, and its critical role in the environment and the economy. By committing to radical transparency, we hope to definitively confirm—for all stakeholders—that responsible energy production, a thriving environment, and healthy communities can coexist.

Through our commitment to Radical Transparency, we aim to lead the industry into a new era of responsible domestic energy development—one with healthier communities and workers, greater economic development and energy security, and continued investments in the environment and the community. The ultimate success will be set by seeing radical transparency becoming the norm. We want to lobby and encourage our peers in the industry to join us, help us, improve it.

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