We believe that companies, regulators, and the media have an obligation to communicate to stakeholders in an accurate, straightforward, and transparent manner—and all too often that does not occur. 

CNX’s rigorous data management processes and controls over our environmental data give us confidence in the completeness, timeliness, and accuracy of our data and ability to be fully transparent with all our stakeholders. This primacy over our data allows us to strongly advocate for our company and our industry, as well as to defend against endless speculation and baseless accusations. CNX’s Positive Energy Hub See more here platform spotlights employees, provides context on relevant topics and technical matters, amplifies company news, and offers insight into daily life at CNX. Context Corner See more here was added to the Positive Energy Hub in 2023 to provide straightforward answers, in layman’s terms, to common questions regarding the Radical Transparency program.

CNX’s Regulatory Reporting Group is responsible for enhancing CNX’s regulatory and environmental compliance data management processes, and non-financial regulatory data gathering, validation, and reporting. This function brings an elevated level of rigor to regulatory reporting governance that mirrors best practices in financial reporting and auditing of public companies and Sarbanes-Oxley (“SOX”) controls. The effort has improved the timeliness, reliability, and accuracy of CNX reporting, and is improving environmental performance. We are sharing best practices with peer companies developing similar processes to help lead the domestic energy industry in this important arena.

The Environmental Data Hub (EDH)—our proprietary, cloud-based technology platform—mirrors the rigor, integration, and internal control processes that we apply to our financial reporting. The EDH digitally connects disparate source data systems and allows for automated population of non-financial regulatory reports from original raw data elements.

Our automated data management process is further complemented by a robust data quality framework, designed to encompass the entire data supply chain from acquisition through reporting. CNX’s Board and executive management team has laid the foundation of our control environment, with clearly defined responsibilities, accountability, and ownership. A series of systematic (IT) controls, data analytics, and internal audit programs further support accurate, reliable data, with the traceability required for independent attestation.

Collectively, this process supports timely quarterly public reporting of non-financial data along with our quarterly financial results—reinforcing CNX’s commitment to accurate, timely, and transparent reporting of environmental performance, and underlining our commitment to providing accurate, transparent information to its stakeholders, regulators, and community.