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2022 Corporate Sustainability Report

Message from the CEO
Much good can come from ESG principles, if applied correctly, for both company and stakeholders. CNX is determined to be the exemplar for such success.
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CNX ESG Performance
Download a snapshot of our 2022
performance on key ESG topics.
2022 Highlights
Free Cash Flow (FCF)— 12
consecutive quarters
generating significant FCF
See Non-GAAP Measures in the Appendix.
shares repurchased—24%
reduction in total shares
outstanding since Q3 20201
Adjusted Net Debt reduction—
$360 million reduction since
Q3 20201
See Non-GAAP Measures in the Appendix.
Captured 5.7 million metric tons of
methane CO2e—far more than we emit
from our gas activities
community support from CNX and the CNX Foundation
diverse workforce—goal of 33% by 2024 increasing to 40% by 2026.
diverse CEO direct reports

1Date of completion of the CNX Midstream Partners LP (“CNXM”) take-in transaction in 2020

Message from the ESCR Committee Chair
Integrity in our reporting and operations is fundamental to our business.
For twelve years, CNX has demonstrated our commitment to transparency
and actionable goals through our annual Corporate Sustainability Reports.
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