CNX produces the energy that is the catalyst to a sustainable future. Our work is socially vital. The energy we develop drives technological advancements that fuel economic growth and improve the quality of life in our communities and beyond.

At CNX, our mission is to empower our team to embrace and drive innovative change that creates long-term per share value for our investors, enhances our communities, and delivers energy solutions for today and tomorrow.

Since our company’s founding 160 years ago, we have lived by our values: putting the people of Appalachia first by prioritizing investments and utilizing home-grown resources that make a Tangible, Impactful, Local difference.



Be a safe and compliant operator; be a trusted community partner and respected corporate citizen; act with pride and integrity.


Be accountable for our actions and learn from our outcomes, both positive and negative; be calculated risk-takers and seek creative ways to solve problems; be prudent capital allocators.


Be a lean, efficient, nimble organization; be a disciplined, reliable, performance-driven company; be an inclusive team treating each other with fairness and respect.