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Message from the ESCR
Committee Chair

Integrity in our reporting and operations is fundamental to our business. For twelve years, CNX has demonstrated our commitment to transparency and actionable goals through our annual Corporate Sustainability Reports. CNX is not perfect, but our culture of success—that empowers the individual, encourages calculated risk-taking, and sparks innovation—puts us in the front of the pack amongst our peers.

Executing on our Sustainable Business Model (SBM) requires discipline and focus, and acknowledging and learning from our mistakes is not always easy. Some companies shy away from this challenge; choosing instead to chase superficial trends and set grandiose goals in hopes of gaining entry to certain funds. This approach might make for a good story, but too often fails to deliver on meaningful results.

We don’t ascribe to that view. To do so would betray shareholder trust and the values driving our success. We generate shareholder and community returns with disciplined SBM execution rooted in focused operations, a culture of innovation, and a commitment to care for the communities we call home. We are fully committed to our SBM and know long-termism wins the day, every day.

Corporate responsibility is not new to us, it’s something we’ve been transparently practicing for the near 160-year history of our company. When we announce environmental, social and governance goals, we execute against them, and rigorously track progress until achieved. Strong Board governance and oversight is fundamental to our success and we are proud to, once again, deliver on clearly defined governance goals. It’s an intensive approach that delivers for all stakeholders.

Through our Appalachia First vision, CNX views natural gas as the catalyst for Tangible, Impactful, and Local progress. We have a personal commitment to do right by this region. Consider the results: A manufacturing plant has been announced to convert abated methane into a biodegradable plastic substitute. Pittsburgh International Airport is advancing sustainable aviation fuel development using CNX-produced natural gas. And we’re catalyzing a hydrogen economy that will benefit our shared environment and grow jobs.

Because ESG integrity matters, we hold each other accountable to delivering on our promises—the results are evident in the pages that follow. While there’s much to praise, our work is far from complete. CNX will always strive for excellence and place high expectations on our team—because we know when we empower each other, greatness can be achieved.

Palmer Clarkson
Environmental, Safety and Corporate Responsibility (ESCR) Committee Chair

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