CNX employees embody our values—Responsibility, Ownership, and Excellence—and are advocates for our company and industry.  

Recruiting, retaining, and motivating the very best talent, requires more than competitive compensation. CNX is fully committed to investing in the development of our talented team. Our employees understand that they are part of a region, industry, company, and team that does great things, both socially and economically. Now more than ever, domestic low-carbon energy—particularly natural gas—is critical for national security and global health. CNX, and the broader natural gas industry, play a critical role in the global energy landscape. The value and strategic importance of natural gas as a critical resource, and industry, give CNX employees a unique sense of purpose in their work.

Thanks to our values, Appalachian asset base, Sustainable Business Model, and best-in-class team, CNX—and its employees—are poised to thrive in a competitive market.

Team Culture

We strive to create an environment where all employees feel valued and empowered.

Community EngagementThe CNX Foundation empowers employees to support the communities and causes they care about through volunteering, grant opportunities, and mentoring through the CNX Mentorship Academy.

CNX PulseOur virtual news and information platform keeps team members connected to each other and the latest news from around the company.

Employee EngagementAchieving our strategic goals requires high levels of employee engagement. CNX has created a Diversity and Inclusion Council and Employee Resource Group to enable employees to network, discuss important engagement topics, and make recommendations to leadership in the areas of diversity and inclusion, culture, and engagement.

Total Rewards

CNX is committed to giving employees the time, flexibility, and independence to do the best work they can.

Competitive Pay We embrace meritocracy. This means we pay for performance and Excellence in our daily work. We pay well, as we perform well. In 2023, median employee compensation, when considering all realized benefits and incentives, was approximately $176,000 (excluding the CEO). CNX’s median compensation, excluding the CEO, is approximately 178% higher than the median household income in the Pittsburgh region, according to 2022 census data. We will continue to invest in our talented workforce to improve on our region-leading compensation profile.

Short-Term Incentive Compensation Our “pay for performance” philosophy at CNX links a portion of total compensation to the achievement of specific business goals. CNX sets annual goals, and performance is measured at the conclusion of the year. The plan promotes teamwork and employee involvement to achieve financial targets and encourages individual accountability for results.

Supplemental Insurance CNX provides company-paid Basic Life, Short-Term Disability, and Long-Term Disability insurance coverages. We also provide every full-time employee with the opportunity to purchase supplemental life, Long-Term disability, accident, and hospital insurance policies. In 2023, CNX provided all full-time employees with Short-Term Disability coverage at 100% of base pay for up to 26 weeks at no additional cost.

Investments in Our Team

We view investments in our team as high rate-of-return, value creation opportunities. A key priority of free cash flow allocation under our Sustainable Business Model is to invest in our employees. We prioritize the health of our employees and families with a comprehensive benefit package that encompasses emotional, social, physical, and financial well-being.

Career Development PlansWe build unique, individual career development plans tailored to the talents and goals of every member of our team. We partner with our employees for their career journey and provide the tools and resources they need to achieve their goals.

Professional Development ReimbursementCNX reimburses trainings, seminars, classes, and workshops that enable employees to stay well-informed of best practices in their respective fields. CNX allows for reimbursement of up to $3,500 in a rolling 12-month period for trainings, seminars, and certifications.

Educational ReimbursementWe provide financial assistance to full-time employees to enhance professional development, job effectiveness, skills, and knowledge in their field of interest.

Retirement FundsEmployee financial wellness is important to us. We match up to 6% in contributions to our 401(K) Plan with contributions vesting immediately.

Health Savings AccountFor employees enrolled in our medical plan, CNX contributes $1,000 or $500 annually (based upon coverage tier) to employee Health Savings Accounts. Employees can earn an additional $750 by completing annual preventive care.

Paid Parental LeaveFamily is important to us, and new parents are encouraged to take time off when welcoming a new member to their family.

“In 2023, my wife and I were thrilled to welcome our new daughter. Our family quickly realized how grateful we are that CNX offers paternity leave to its employees. The time away from work and the overall support of the company allowed me to not only spend each day at the NICU during our daughter’s short stay, but also to care for my wife and bond with our new baby.”

Jay Bowser, Business Process Manager MSCM 

Well-beingGood health is essential to employee well-being. CNX headquarters has an on-site gym, which helps encourage healthy lifestyles. In 2023, CNX enhanced our preventive care program by adding company paid bloodwork to the list of eligible activities.

Flexible Paid Time OffWe all need time away from work to recharge. CNX full-time employees are eligible for vacation and individual holiday time...and we want them to use it!

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)Our EAP supports employees in times of need with free, confidential expert counseling, referral assistance, and more.

Employee EventsCNX hosts a number of employee engagement events throughout the year to build morale, strengthen culture, and encourage teamwork. Events include summer picnics, a fall festival for employees and their families, holiday gatherings, CNX sponsored food trucks, and more.