Recruiting, developing, and retaining our workforce is vital to our success and our Sustainable Business Model. We provide opportunities for our employees to grow with us, including professional development and training programs.

Investing in high-potential employees not only benefits the career development of the individual, it contributes to the long-term success and goals of the Company. In 2023, CNX formed a high-potential group, comprised of employees who consistently are high-performers in their position who are interested in career growth, and who live and breathe CNX’s core values and culture. Program topics include cross-functional collaboration, executive interactions and perspectives, and strategic decision making. CNX intends to grow this program, preparing these individuals for future leadership roles in the Company.

Employee growth at CNX includes growth vertically, horizontally, or diagonally— complementing our individualized career plans, our nimble business, and the changing and evolving demands of our business.

While technical capabilities are role specific, business and leadership skills are applicable in roles across the entire organization.

CNX supports the development of business and leadership skills through on-the-job work experience, networking, mentoring, collaboration, and formal training.

Our learning management system hosts more than 17,000 courses, and offers training content through a single, easy-to-use platform. In 2023, CNX employees completed more than 800 training courses.

CNX executives and senior leaders met for an off-site meeting focused on introducing management tools and concepts to improve organizational performance, and CNX’s Sustainable Business Model. Values were emphasized, strategies were discussed, and expectations were laid out for the entire Company. Our continued success, and excellence as a Company, requires every employee at CNX to share a common language and vision.


“Get Ready for Opportunities at Work,” a voluntary program that nurtures junior, high-potential women for the next level of development at CNX, lays the foundation for career success, helping women develop leadership skills, self-confidence, and relationships for enhanced job satisfaction and personal growth.

“GROW was a special moment in my career through which I got to deeply connect with other leaders and growers. As leaders, we all have a responsibility to lift others up and empower them to succeed. GROW provides a set of topics for mentors to focus. We met monthly to discuss strengths, identify challenges, and work on ways to address them. We touched on building personal power through influence and the art of growing this with others. We also covered time management, and the skill of giving and receiving feedback. The studies are clear: teams with more diverse leadership perform better. GROW is a vessel to empower women to unlock their leadership skills. Participating in GROW was truly a gift to me. Mentoring strengthened my own leadership and communication skills. As leaders, we learn so much from working with others in unique ways such as mentorship. My mentee, Stephanie Bitz was a bright professional that earned my respect and admiration. I am excited to see where she grows from here.”  

Mala Kaushik, Senior Manager
ERP Applications 

“I was excited to participate in the GROW program so I could enhance my leadership skills, foster personal growth, and gain empowerment in my career journey. Participating in this pilot program was an incredible journey of growth and empowerment. GROW connected me with a mentor who provided invaluable guidance tailored to my career goals. Through quarterly meetings and one-on-one sessions, I refined essential skills like communication and decision-making, helping to propel my career forward. What was particularly special about GROW is the sense of community it fosters. I had the chance to connect with other participants, sharing experiences and strategies in a supportive environment. This program not only boosted my confidence but also equipped me to tackle challenges and seize opportunities with newfound determination. As I continue to progress in my career, I’m grateful for the lasting impact of GROW and the positive changes it’s brought to both my professional journey and our workplace culture.”

Stephanie Bitz, Analyst II – GIS Land